• Tiny campfire in Glacier National Forest.

  • Currently reading: Christianity in a Nutshell by Leonardo Boff 📚 considering this as a possibility for a (very) short introduction to Christianity, for use in our 101 course (“The Way of Francis & Clare”)

  • Unfortunately our sole houseplant, an orchid, is not doing well after a recent repotting.

  • Now watching: Top Gun: Maverick (Joseph Kosinski, 2022) 📽️

  • One challenge of an analog note-taking system: no notebook can compare to the searchability and indexing of a digital system. I use small symbols (*, †, ‡, etc.) with arrows at the bottom of the page to indicate where I’ll find more pages with notes on a related topic.

  • Now watching: Elvis (Baz Luhrmann, 2022) 📽️

  • Not quite a portico—more a pronaos? I don’t really know architecture—but I’ve always liked this photo of the Lincoln Memorial. From a visit to DC in 2017, when I lived in my favorite city in the US, Baltimore.

  • Finished reading: Theology for Skeptics by Dorothee Sölle 📚

  • I’m late to the early post, but here’s an early sign of spring (from a previous spring—still waiting for signs of spring here).

  • Not quite a road, but a path overlooking the Middle Falls in Letchworth State Park. Shot on (I think) Fujifilm 200

  • I love seeing these old library book cards: a record of who was reading what when. (I would have liked to have found a better picture for today’s prompt but I’m afraid I don’t have the patience.)

  • Between gray seas and gray skies, the horizon nearly disappears. Parsons Beach near Kennebunk, Maine.

  • On this day ten years ago, Jorge Bergoglio was elected bishop of Rome & took the name Francis. I’ve been grateful for Pope Francis’s work in shepherding the Catholic church, especially as represented in his encyclicals Laudato si’ & Fratelli tutti.

  • Taking a cue from @mbkriegh today for connection: power lines in San Salvador, shot on Superia X-tra 400

  • Currently reading: Maurice by E. M. Forster 📚

  • Currently reading: Theology for Skeptics by Dorothee Sölle 📚

    One day the earth will belong to all people
    and the people will be free
    as you, God, have willed it
    from the very beginning.

    This song speaks to God, not about God. It liberates us from the idol of fate in whose power everything happens simply as it happens. It binds us together with a God who is not the all-powerful conqueror but stands instead on the side of the poor and disadvantaged—a God who is always hidden in the world and wants to become visible.

  • Finished reading: Saint Francis by Nikos Kazantzakis 📚

  • Good for Ke Huy Quan. He is such a good, sweet man.

  • I think Everything Everywhere All At Once will win best picture tonight (though I confess I haven’t seen Elvis; Top Gun: Maverick; All Quiet on the Western Front; or Women Talking). It would be exciting & encouraging to see such a zany movie win & while I did enjoy it, I don’t have nearly the enthusiasm for it that many people do. I thought the Daniels were a little too satisfied with themselves (& it showed), & I’m not sure the movie deals with the existential dread of the multiverse as well as it thinks it does.

    Of the best picture nominees I’ve seen, I’d most like to see The Banshees of Inisherin win. It was weird; it was moving; it had a few amazing performances; &, though dark, it didn’t seem nearly as pessimistic as did EEAAO. 📽️

  • Not quite a trivial mechanism, but if a gimcrack is a device, a toy, a pretty thing, then I think this counts.

  • Currently reading: Saint Francis by Nikos Kazantzakis 📚

    Brother Leo, the earth has seven levels, heaven has seven spheres, and yet the total is still too small for God. But man’s heart is not too small—the Lord can fit within it. Take care, therefore, that you do not wound man’s heart, for in doing so you may be wounding God.

  • One of my favorite rituals for Lent is the Stations of the Cross. This sign points to a small trail in Bob’s Woods that follows an outdoor Stations of the Cross. Shot on Ilford HP5+.

  • The (relatively recently renovated) chapel at the Abbey of the Genesee, where the Trappists come together for prayer and worship.

  • I shot a roll of Ilford HP5+ the other day on a walk in the woods behind campus. I’m not really pleased with any of the photos—I feel like I’m still figuring out black & white—but I thought this burger ornament was funny, anyway.