• Christmas Eve povitica

  • Thanksgiving bake 🍞

  • Sourdough schedule 🍞

  • The first loaf of sourdough I’ve baked in almost a year. I’m not entirely satisfied with the rise, but it was nice to bake again 🍞

    A loaf of sourdough bread
  • Sourdough cinnamon rolls, baked and iced

  • Sourdough cinnamon rolls for Christmas Eve brunch tomorrow morning

  • I tried a different scoring pattern on today’s loaf, to somewhat disappointing results. Rather than my usual single, long score, slightly off-center, I tried four smaller strokes in a roughly cruciform pattern. I had intended the four scores to open up more evenly, hoping for a more balanced rise. Really only two of the scores opened as fully as I’d hoped, but the loaf rose pretty evenly all the same.