• I’m usually annoyed at powerlines getting in the way of photographs, but I kind of like the effect of these. 🎞️

  • New toy: Canon Canonet QL17 GIII. I wanted a compact film camera for travel, & it was down to this or an Olympus 35 RC. What sold me was the f/1.7 lens. I haven’t loaded any film yet, but it feels good in hand & the focusing is very smooth.

    I love the look of the lens.

  • Salvadoran Pupusería 📷🎞️

  • Enthusiastic dog owners at Letchworth State Park

    Man photographs his dog on a stump
  • Toy man on a bench
  • Reviewing my first roll of film photography, and I really like the texture in this one (in both the grain of the film and the splintered trunk).

    Splintered tree branch
  • Some pictures of St. Bonaventure University taken with my Pentax K1000 on (I think) Fujicolor 200. I’m not entirely satisfied with these pictures; the color is a little underwhelming to me, which may be a consequence of either the film itself or the UV filter I’ve used. The color of the sky is especially drab; it should be more blue than gray!

    Friedsam Memorial Library

    Friedsam Memorial Library, where I spend about 3 to 4 hours each weekday reading and researching for my book project. (The other hours of the workday are spent collating notes, tracking down citations, planning the research, etc.)

    St. Joseph Oratory

    The story I’d heard told about St. Joseph’s Oratory is this: when construction on the dining hall was completed, the University used the leftover bricks to build this oratory for the sisters working in the dining hall so they would have a place for quiet and prayer between meals. (I’m not sure that’s true now, given that this webpage reports the oratory as a gift from an Olean resident.) When I was a student here it was mostly empty, though in the years after I graduated one of the friars turned it into a chapel for perpetual eucharistic adoration. I don’t think it serves that role any longer.

    Devereux Hall

    The courtyard of Devereux Hall, the oldest building (I think) on campus. Thomas Merton lived here (though on the other side of the building) when he taught at St. Bonaventure just before joining the Trappists. I love how the building almost entirely consumed with ivy.

    Ivy on Devereux

    A detail of the ivy that hangs from Devereux Hall. This is, I think, my favorite of the set; the colors here (especially the green of the ivy) are more vibrant, and the light dances off the ivy.

    The main quad at St. Bonaventure University

    The main quad.

    And finally, the bell tower and university chapel. The bells are missing (I think they were taken down for some repair).

  • A nice paean to Steven Spielberg’s filmmaking, especially as represented in West Side Story.

  • This old church now houses the Cuba Cultural Center.

  • I sent in my first roll of film to the Shot on Film Store last week, and just received digital uploads today. This is one of my favorites from the roll: an old general store (now office space and apartments) in town, O’Malley’s.

  • Me, some years ago, at Piseco Lake in the southern Adirondacks.

  • A recent eBay acquisition: a Pentax K1000 35mm film camera. I’ve been wanting to get into film photography for a while now, and I was recently struck by an urge to find a good beginner’s camera to get started. The K1000 seemed the clear choice for a number of reason: its availability, its price, its simplicity.

    What I like about this camera is its fully mechanical operation: though it does have a battery, that battery only powers the built-in light meter. Otherwise, the camera operates completely mechanically—and you can really feel it when you release the shutter.

    The camera has basically no features at all, apart from the light meter: manual focus, manual exposure. Its lack of features was another selling point to me. I want little more than the absolute basics as I get into film photography. There’s something about the bare bones simplicity of the K1000 that seems to lend the photos it shoots with honesty and integrity.

    I’ve taken a few shots just around town, mainly getting a feel for the camera and testing out different exposures. I’m hoping to get through a roll in a week or so, so I can send the film off to be developed and see how accurate the light meter is.