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A Christmas tree blessing

Nov 29, 2020

Good & gracious God,
you who are power & wisdom & goodness—

Bless this tree,
a sign of life & freshness & perseverance in our midst.

May it stand as a reminder
of light in the dark of night,
and of life in the dead of winter.

May its supple branches & sharp, sweet scent
keep fresh in our minds & our hands
the mercy & generosity you show
in all your dealings with your beloved people.

May its evergreen boughs,
untouched by the chill of snow & frost,
embolden us in our commitment to love & largesse,
as we too refuse the chill of consumerism & greed.

Bless the land that provided this tree,
and bless the land that now holds up our home.

May we remember the bounty of the land
as we seek to make ourselves native to it
and to honor its past, present, & future inhabitants.

We have nothing that we did not first receive;
we give nothing except what we have received.
Bless us with your presence as we prepare, during this Advent season,
to receive what you have to give,
and give what we have been given.